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Proctor Responsibilities/Liability Agreement


You have been selected as the Proctor for the administration of the eKnowledgeCenter CKM and/or CKEE™ and/or Core Examinations on

_______at _________.

This document states the agreement between the certification examination administrator (Proctor) and the eKnowledgeCenter.

This agreement states what the individual Proctor can and cannot do with the eKnowledgeCenterl examination materials.

Your Proctor responsibilities include the following:

  • Maintaining security of all eKnowledgeCenter examination materials. Security of the eKnowledgeCenter Examination is extremely important. Individuals administering the examination are responsible for the security of the examination materials from the time of receipt or when the student logs in until the student logs out and/or the materials are shipped or back to the testing company. Any unauthorized incident should be immediately reported.
  • Ensuring the examination process is secure from any unauthorized disclosures and improper behavior.
  • Informing the examinees you understand the security policy, and
  • Obtaining a signed statement from each examinee.
  • Clearing the cache of any computer used for the exam (Tools - Internet Options - Settings - View Files - Ctrl A - Delete)

The eKnowledgeCenter:

  • Assumes no liability for you as an agent in administering this examination; makes no warranty, express or implied, for the accuracy of the information contained in the examinations; assumes no liability for damages, direct or indirect, consequential or incidental,
  • Considers the certification or recertification status of its candidates to be public information,
  • Regards all other information about individuals as strictly confidential.
  • Will not provide such information to others except in response to a court order. The eKnowledgeCenter notifies any Certificant or Candidate for Certification prior to complying with such an order.

Computer Examination Administration requirements/procedures:

  • The computer-based examination must be administered in a secure environment.

  • Each candidate’s identification was verified before being seated for the examination.

  • During the examination administration, the candidate(s) did not:
    1. Take notes.
    2. Have any visitors during the examination administration period.
    3. Duplicate or retain any portion of the examination.
    4. View the contents of the examination prior to the examination administration.
    5. The employee did not bring any foreign items (i.e., books, brief case, notepad, etc.) into the examination area.
    6. All candidates complied with the requirements of the examination administration concerning the admission to and exit from the examination site.

Limitations of liability:

The eKnowledgeCenter Materials are distributed "as-is." No warranty of any kind is expressed or implied. Use of the Materials is at your own risk, and the Proctor, to the extent authorized by law, indemnifies, saves, and holds harmless the eKnowledgeCenter against any and all claims, damages, liability, and court awards, including costs, expenses, and attorney fees incurred as a result of the Proctor’s use of the materials. The eKnowledgeCenterl will not be held liable for data loss, damages, loss of profits, or any other kind of loss which could be construed to be the result of the use or misuse of these materials.

What the Proctor can do with course Materials:

The Proctor is authorized to use the eKnowledgeCenter Materials for purposes of administering the examination. You may not use, copy, emulate, clone, rent, lease, sell, modify, decompile, disassemble, otherwise reverse engineer, or transfer the Materials, or any subset of the Materials, except as provided for in this agreement. Any such unauthorized use shall result in immediate and automatic termination of this agreement and may result in criminal and/or civil prosecution. The copyrighted eKnowledgeCenterl Materials may not be rented or leased, but may be permanently transferred, if the person receiving it agrees to the terms of this license agreement. The transfer must include the current version and all previous versions.

Acceptance of these terms and conditions:

Accepting and using eKnowledgeCenter Materials signifies acceptance of these terms and conditions of this agreement. If you do not agree with the terms of this agreement, you must immediately return all hard copy and electronic eKnowledgeCenter materials in your possession and remove all eKnowledgeCenter materials from your storage devices and cease to use the product.

Right to change the Materials:

The eKnowledgeCenter reserves the right to revise or change the Materials without warning.

Statement that there is no other contract:

There is no other contract with the Proctor that supersedes this agreement regarding the use of eKnowledgeCenter Materials.

eKnowledgeCenter Spokesperson:

Dan Kirsch, President, Hudson Associates Consulting, Inc., is the spokesperson for the eKnowledgeCenter for this agreement.



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